software update v

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software update v

Postby iiskra » Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:43 pm

We're happy to announce Aethalometer AE33 software release. New software will provide new options of use and improve some of already implemented features.

Current software version (v is compatible with all series of Aethalometers (S0-S4), firmware 513/518.
Note: If you operate an Aethalometer with SN 90 or less please consult with your local distributor (or manufacturer) before doing the update.

What is new in version
- extended AE33 communication protocol (please check the User's Manual for more details),
- Bayern Hessen communication protocol,
- Qair communication protocol,
- inlet leakage test,
- new external device added (Inlet Dryer-to be announced soon. Send email for more info).
- ambient flow control feature (maintain constant volumetric flow of the instrument, subject of ambient conditions (T, P) - works only in connection with AMES TP195 sensor)

If you have questions/comment about current SW version, please follow the discussion under this topic.

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